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care plans, holding meetings to defeat them early in the obama administration, well before congress started its work to pass what became obamacare. we asked senate minority leader why republicans continue to fight the law even if republicans take over the senate and white house in 2016, the benefits will have started then, and americans will refuse to give them up, and mcconnell says that's not so. >> that's what the left hopes, but in the meantime, the cost of premiums is going up, people find out they can't necessarily keep the plans that the president said you could keep, and, in fact, none was promises made are happying, and they are not going to happen, so if you believe it can't possibly work and we're in a representative democracy, hopefully democrats with start responding to pressure to give us an opportunity to begin to blast big holes in it, and in my view, it needs to be pulled out root and branch, and the first opportunity that we have to do that, if the american people give us enough support to do that, we're going to do it. >> republicans pointed to this, a copy of the
obama prepares for his first presidential visit to israel, support for the country has never been higher. but that doesn't mean that americans want the white house brokering a peace deal any time soon. we'll preview the president's trip and the unbreakable yet complicated bond between the two countries just ahead. oh this is soft. this is so so soft. hey hun, remember you only need a few sheets. hmph! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra soft is so soft you'll have to remind your family they can use less. ♪ charmin ultra soft is made with extra cushions that are soft and more absorbent. plus you can use four times less. hope you saved some for me. mhmm! you and the kids. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra soft. love your passat! um. listen, gary. i bought the last one. nice try. says right here you can get one for $199 a month. you can't believe the lame-stream media, gary. they're all gone. maybe i'll get one. [ male announcer ] now everyone's going to want one. you can't have the same car as me, gary! i'm gettin' one. nope! [ male announcer ] volkswagen springtoberfest
would spend $46 trillion over the next ten years. apparently president obama thinks that the only things that need to be cut from our budget are white house tours. well, republicans and the american people know that there is a lot more that we could be cutting. taxes are demanding -- taxpayers are demanding that washington finally get serious about our budget and stop the political games and the political gimmicks. it's time for washington to do what families across the country have always had to do -- live within their means. democrats still don't steam get it. they continue to insist that the rules don't all apply to washinn and that they should not be held accountable. like their other failed policies of the past few years, the democrats' plan is very much a statement of their priorities. it does nothing to stop the overregulation that is destroying jobs, nothing to stop the overregulation that is strangling our economy. it protects failing government programs from reform. it does nothing to preserve and protect medicare and social security for few of generations. it just spends more
. >> then you're saying that this trip obviously had a big impact at a time when we know that this white house, for example, asked israel to go back to the borders, when it went to cairo first to speak to the muslim community out there and many jewish leaders were concerned that mr. obama was basically putting israel on the back burner. but you're saying now that you think things have really changed? >> it is very true and you mentioned manies a aspects of it during his first term, the president did make many mistakes articles his approach and relationship with israel is concerned. the demand of a total freeze of settlements, a demand for a return to the '67 bored percent and creating that space between israel and the united states, which actually enabled many of our enemies to infiltrate, manipulate and behave in ways which they wouldn't if they felt that bond was still very strong. i think the president realized, while there are enormous issues on the table, iran issue, syrian issue, israeli/palestinian conflict, the main issues, as far as israelis are concerned, with the relationship betwee
. >>> and on the eve of president obama's trip to the middle east, andrea joins us live from israel with a look at what to expect. >>> but first an extended st. patrick's day celebration at the white house as the president hosts ireland's prime minister. >> i want to welcome you, thank you for giving me an excuse to break out my green tie. >> it's a real opportunity to celebrate st. patrick's week, i have a second tie for the president if he so wishes and of course, there is a standing open invitation to president obama to come back to ireland. >>> i'm luke russert live in washington, we'll check in with andrea, who is in jerusalem in a moment. but first, breaking news out of nevada -- the u.s. military says an overnight live fire training accident at the hawthorne army depot in western nevada has killed at least seven marines. nbc's chief pentagon correspondent, jim miklaszewski joins me with the latest. obviously this happened late last night. the news started breaking this morning. what have we learned in the last few hours since i spoke to you? >> well, as you said, luke, this occurred during a liv
of the news. and the white house says that today it shot down syrian and planes that the the -- russian claims. they say it didn't happen. they say last august president obama warned that the use or movement of chemical weapons in syria could mean enormous cons scwebses. we have been very clear to assad regime but also to other players that a red line for us is that we start seeing a bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized. that would change my calculus. >> shepard: middle east analysts say the syrian government has the largest stockpile in that region and forth fourth largest in all the world. james rosen at the white house. this isn't the first time they have had these accusations of the use of chemical weapons. >> in this conflict that's right, shep. the first such report dates back to this december that's when the regime of dictatorial president bashar assad reportedly deployed a chem weapon known as eight 15 which paralyzed the central nerve us is system. today it was unusual for the government there to even hint having lost control of some of its stockpiles but mounting
obama are starting new terms. there are major issues to be discussed. the white house is calling this a broad strategic conversation to focus on syria, iran and the israeli palestinian peace process. of course, three of the most pressing issues for these two countries today. >> if this is more about symbolism what progress can we expect from the president's meetings with the israelis and the palestinians? >> well of the three issue that will be discussed on this trip this is the one where the least progress is expected to be made. expectations have really been lowered by the white house. they made it very clear, since the trip was announced they aren't coming here with any grand plan, any new vision to get this peace process back on track. it hasn't budged in more than two years. and it will be discussed at the president's meetings with prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president mahmoud abbas. none of these three sides are optimistic at this point that negotiators will be back at the table anytime soon. >> alex, let's talk about syria. the presid
claiming chemical weapons have been used for the first time, but the white house says there is no evidence yet to prove that. president obama has warned of possible u.s. military intervention if such weapons are used. >>> and a big development from another global hot spot, the korean peninsula. overnight the big banks and tv stations in south korea were paralyzed after an apparent cyberattack. north korea is the main suspect. >>> and here at home, autism may be far more widespread than we thought. a new government survey of parents found that 1 in 50 school-age children has some form of autism. a previous study said it was more like 1 in 88. this report found a significant number of children have been diagnosed at older ages. >>> and look at this. a dramatic scene in new york. a worker trapped up to his chest in mud for four hours finally pulled above ground overnight. more than 150 firefighters helping with that rescue. the man was working in a subway tunnel trench when the walls caved in. he is expected to be okay. >>> speaking of dramatic, look at what happened when the mayor of kansas
democrats do not. the democrats control the senate. some say that the obama administration has blocked them from speaking to the survivors and saying they're stop that from happening and that the white house has something to hide. we'll continue to follow it. meantime, there is a buzz in washington over reports that america's former top diplomate may have been hacked. a hacker who calls himself guchifier, and identified himself as a former white house aide and may have obtained memos sent to former secretary of state. and the same hacker may have hacked the bush family and colin powell's facebook page and now set his sights on the former secretary of state. chris stirewalt, host of power play >> megyn: this hacker appears to have hacked, it's not the good kind of gucci. >> no, no, the bad goochically. >> megyn: he managed to hack a person very connected to the clintons and apparently obtained about four memos between blumenthal and mrs. clinton in the days immediately after september 11th, 2012 when she was being informed about what happened in benghazi. this was an interesting
have been used in the fighting. president obama says that if the allegations prove true, it would be a, quote, game-changer. senators carl levin and john mccain are calling now on the white house to take more active steps to force syria's president from power. the leaders of the armed services committee suggest that using precision air strikes to target the military's aircraft without putting american troops on the ground. >> carl levin, huh? yeah. >> that's interesting. >> it is. >> i didn't expect that one. >> i know. he was for the iraq war until he was against it, until bush became president. >> yeah. >> so as long as we have got a democrat in there, i think good people of syria can depend on carl levin to be with them. >> it's interesting he has appeared with senator mccain who is a very vocal advocate of more strength being thrown toward the rebels of syria including eluding to putting ground troops into syria and now levin and mccain combined. >> the drum beat is growing louder. this report of a chemical weapons attack seems to be something we should step back and let the invest
rucker was white house correspondent for and he coveredt" the romney campaign and has been there since 2005. he also covered the obama transition. we talked about what was happening in colorado and what was signed into law there. the governor and other western democrats -- how important are they in terms of leading the charge to change the conversation about the gun control debate? guest: they are very important. western democrats have been some of the biggest defenders on gun rights that have not engaged a conversation on gun control measures. the fact that they are talking about it, and the governor of colorado has signed into law these measures is critical. it is not solely driven by people like joe biden and bloomberg and the northeastern establishment. they are trying to get geographical diversity. that is why joe manchin is a player. it also explains why the democrats in the senate have gone after tom coburn, a republican from oklahoma, who has been most open to a background check bill and he has been negotiating with chuck schumer from new york. it is not clear if he will actual
struggle for iraq from bush to obama. thank you for joining see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ tyin' up my white tie ♪ ♪ brushing off my tails >>> this is "nightly business report." >> moving higher. stocks finish on an up note. still on track for the best quarter in 15 years. >>> water, water not everywhere. how the on going drought is hitting texas especially hard and how it may get worse. >>> and too late or not? why there is still time to refinance your mortgage but you may not want to wait much longer. all that and more coming up right now. welcome to our viewing. >> investors were back in the buying mood as stocks bounced back but still closed loweror the week. the dow snapped the streak of four straight winning weeks and the s&p 500 logging the second losing week in 2013. the markets got a lift on optimism out of cyprus combined with a batch of stronger than expected earnings report. the dow shot up 90 points gaining back losses. the s&p added 11 points. the s&p ended the week with a s
california. rick? rick: as president obama winds down from the visit to the middle east, there are new concerns today over his approval rating at the white house. check out the results from the latest research poll that shows only less than half of all americans agree with the president's job performance, a decline from almost two years ago when the rating was at an all-time high. what is going on? we have our policemen insiders, john leboutillier on the far left, former republican congressman from new york, pat caddell is a fox news contributor and form pollster with president jarred and doug schoen a fox news contributor and former pollster for former president clinton. glad to see you, gentleman. doug, each month since the second inauguration, he has seen the president's numbers go down. >> first, political gridlock is starting to way on the president's numbers. the sequester which he thought would be a political benefit has hurt and there is a larger sure, our economy still is not providing the robust growth and economic revital savings and job creation we need and despite a good t
in the past decade. >> many people say they were targeted because of their race. >> a white house official confirms that assistant u.s. attorney general thomas perez will be offered up as the next secretary of labor. some republican opposition is expected when president obama nominates peres today. if confirmed by the senate, peres, who has been head of the justice department's civil-rights division for three and a half years, when takeover the labor department as obama undertake several were oriented initiatives, including an overall immigration laws and an increase in the minimum- wage. >> 14,000 for under 76 is the current level for the market. the current level for the marke[ male announcer ] this is bob, a regular guy with an irregular heartbeat. the usual, bob? not today. [ male announcer ] bob has afib: atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem, a condition that puts him at greater risk for a stroke. [ gps ] turn left. i don't think so. [ male announcer ] for years, bob took warfarin, and made a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but not anymore. bob's
'll get started with the beginning of president obama's trip to the middle east. nbc's chief white house correspondent chuck todd is in jerusalem this morning. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: well, good morning, savannah. among the first things the president said as he got air force one "it's good to get away from congress." that's the tone he set. there is more serious business here. this trip will be heavier on symbolism, probably lighter on substance. the big small goal, if you will, of the president, is to improve his personal perception here in israel, and hope that improvement gives him greater influence in the region. president obama arrived this morning in israel his first visit here as president. >> thank you so much, good to see you. >> it's wonderful to be here. >> how are you, my friend? good to see you. >> reporter: greeted with pomp and circumstance. topping the agenda with prime minister netanyahu the conflict in syria and iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons, but little progress is expected open the dormant israeli/palestinian peace plan. it's not how he thought thi
. >> reporter: new york. >> you know, i took paula abdul to the white house. same year. >> they said yes to you. >> guys like girls with a sense of humor. >> i'm a very funny guy. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. "outfront" next. barack obama arrives in israel for the first time as president of the united states. but where does the american israeli relationship stand? bennett, israel's minister of the economy is here to answer our questions. plus, mayor michael bloomberg called howard shultz ridiculous. he's out front to respond. and the head of colorado's department of corrections answers the door only to be shot down. we take you to the manhunt tonight. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight with friends like these, well, president obama arrived in israel to day. it was his first trip there as president. everything seemed rosey for a little while between him and benjamin netanyahu. >> and just as we have for these past 6 ayears, the united states is proud to stand with you as your strongest ally and your greatest friend. >> i want to tha
as paul ryan's budget gets said for a vote in the house and vice president joe biden says the white house is not giving up on an assault weapons ban. >>> plus, as the pentagon ponders pumping more millions into guantanamo, a senior u.s. military leader offers some candid comments about the obama administration's failure to shut it down. >> good morning. >> the national school of character. >> today is march 21st, 2013. >> and this is "the daily rundown." >>> thanks so much to the first grade class at the lielyles-cro traditional academy. good morning, how can you not be happy about that. i even got a shoutout as you heard. chuck todd is in ramallah with the president and we'll be hearing from him in just a minute. >>> president obama left jerusalem this morning to head to the west bank where he met with president mahmoud abbas. he was greeted by a crowd this morning as only the third sitting u.s. president to visit the palestinian territories. just hours before he headed into the west bank, palestinian militants fired a pair of rockets from hamas-controlled gaza. they landed in southern i
. and fact president barack obama himself has admitted to more than a little bit of drug use in his lifetime. he has admitted to using marijuana and cocaine in his youth your and if he had been raised by white grandparents in hawaii, if he hadn't done much of this illegal drug use on put him in white college campuses and universities, if you been raised in the hood, the odds are good that he would've been stopped, he would've impressed, he would've been searched, he would have been caught. and far from being president of the united states today, he might not even have the right to vote, depending on the state he lives in. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> are you interested in being a part of booktv's new online book club? each month will discuss a different book and author. this month we were discussing michelle alexanders "the new jim crow." post your thoughts on twitter, and ride on a facebook page, then on tuesday at 9 p.m. eastern join our live moderated discussion on twitter. send your suggestions on which books you think we should i
obama making a push for immigration reform. this is at a ceremony for new american citizens. the president hosted a naturalization ceremony today for active duty service members and civilians. this was at the white house. the president has made immigration reform one of the top priorities of his second term. now, he says if the u.s. wants to keep attracting the best and brightest, the country needs to make sensible changes to fix its immigration system. and the president is expanding the country's parks and historic sites as well. so today he is designating areas in five states as new national monuments. so the sites include the first state national monument in delaware. a site commemorating harriet tubman and the underground railroad in maryland. the charles young buffalo soldiers national monument in ohio, the san juans islands national monument in washington state and the rio grand de del norte national monument in new mexico. >>> now the stage set for the u.s. supreme court to take up one of the biggest social issues facing this country. we're talking about same sex marr
from aleppo. the day before president obama leaves for the middle east he will mark his 5th street patrick's day in the white house with a schedule of irish-themed events including meeting with the irish prime minister and then an annual luncheon. aner on they will have evening reception where the president will receive a bowl of shamrocks in a tradition started under harry truman. ago today we begin providing televised access to the everyday workings of congress and the federal government. , created byetworks america's cable companies in 1979 and brought to you as a service by your television provider. >> the winners have been selected in the student can documentary competition on the theme "your message to the president." the winner was josh stokes on unemployment. won first prize. and a group one for a documentary on public transportation. watch the winning videos each day next month on c-span and see all the documentaries at "washington journal" continues. host: we are back with earl blumenauer, and the representative from oregon. he sits on the ways and means c
that he is potentially open to compromise, so the white house is heartened by that, but they're also tamping down expectations. they don't expect any large movement. but certainly all of those topics, martin, will be on the table when president obama sits down with prime minister netanyahu. >> i believe for something like five hours or talks. nbc's kristen walker. thank you, kristen. >>> joining us, mark ginsburg. and dana milbank, political columnist for the "washington post." ambassador, if i can start with you, senators lindsey graham and john mccain say if the chemical weapons reports prove true, the president's red line has been crossed. and graham tell s "foreign policy's" josh rogen, we need to come up with a plan to secure these weapon sites either in conjunction with our partners or, if nothing else, by ourselves. what's your reaction to today's developments? >> well, if these reports are corroborated, martin, clearly the situation in syria, which you know you and i have talked about for at least two years, it indicates that, and as we all know, these weapons are not under l
clinton? he came here four times as president. he was so deeply involved, we were both covering the white house in those days, in the camp david process and others, the israelis miss that, a guy who can draw the maps, president bush didn't get that involved. president obama hasn't gotten that involved. they're different people, personally and how they carry themselves politically and in their philosophies. the prime minister in cracking jokes when the president has landed is trying to say, i'm trying and now we'll see if the president is trying. >> we'll get back to jessica in a moment. tom foreman, this trip comes at a time when so many israelis feel increasingly vulnerable due in large part to the major political changes occurring in the region and their neighborhood. tom is taking a closer look at that region. what are you seeing, tom? >> john made references of being able to draw the map there. it is important to bear in mind the map here. look at where the president is visiting here, he's going to really a small part of a small area, but a very important part as you know, with stops
the eight years under president bush, but they act white that all this debt -- they act like all this that happen when president obama was elected. it just amazes me that they want to get rid of medicare, social security, and give tax cuts to the rich. we found outwar war wes cost $6 trillion, were lied into. i do not understand why republicans did not admit they are the ones that ran up the debt under president bush. that is why we are in the shape we're in now. host: of the amendments put it n so far, the senate passed amendment that would eliminate the 2.3% medical device tax. they also defeated an amendment that was the ryan budget proposal from the house. a couple of tweets. daniel says -- host: a couple more calls here. joseph on the republican line. i am 69 years old, and i have seen republican, democrats in power, and i get upset with these republicans because the democrats worked bush and a lot of time they went along with him just because he was president. the republicans need to work with president obama, and they see that when bush was in charge, it did not work, and
in obama care. this year the federal government will bring in more revenue than any year in our history and yet we're still going to have a trillion dollars budget deficit. spending is the problem. >> the white house says in response, yes, it's true. taxes went up more than $600 billion over ten years at the end of the year but it is also true the white house put $1.5 trillion worth of spending cuts in their budget. the truth is you're both right. i mean, they have offered spending cuts. the taxes did go up. it still hasn't made enough of a dent. you still have to sit down and do something. >> right. i think we're doing our budget this year. actually we're doing it this week here in the house. our budget will balance in ten years. we're going to pass our budget. hopefully the senate will pass their budget. except their budget never comes to balance. the president's budget never comes to balance. you can't continue to spend money as far as the eye can see that you don't have. and that's what they're continuing to propose, along with higher taxes on the american people. >> but the politic
in it. the white house is considering shifting authority to the department of defense to allow more congressional oversight. critics complained the program lacks transparency. president obama urging palestinians and israelis to resume peace negotiations. president obama refused to endorse the call for a settlement freeze. the united nations will investigate charges that chemical weapons were used in syria. the syrian government requesting that probe accusing rubbles. the syrian opposition says the regime is responsible for the chemical weapon attack. those are your latest headlines. i am jamie colby. i will send it back to dagen. dagen: hitting the highest level in over three years. mortgage rates are helping boost sales and prices. thankfully, inventory. it is part of burke shirer hathaway. a major real estate firm across this country. inventories have been so tight. how important is that to continuing to bring out the sellers? >> dagen, the biggest challenge that we have right now is the incredibly low inventory across the country. what a change it has been from two years ago when
. >> democratic congressman from minnesota. >>> up next, a surprise for president obama. what our latest poll shows about his job approval. >>> then, an insider from the bush white house is spilling the beans about the march to war in iraq ten years ago. the former bush speech writer is here live. zap technology. arrival. with hertz gold plus rewards, you skip the counters, the lines, and the paperwork. zap. it's our fastest and easiest way to get you into your car. it's just another way you'll be traveling at the speed of hertz. bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on his portfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age. it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> if there was ever a second term honeymoon, it looks like it's over. president obama's job approval rating has dropped eight points since the start of the year, and for the first time since septemb
and dignitaries at tonight's state dinner for president obama in jerusalem, a surprise last-minute guest, miss israel 2013. she attended the gala after the white house specifically asked for her to be invited just lasted week. she made history, becoming the first miss israel of ethiopian heritage since the pageant began in 1950. she relocated to israel to be with her grandparents after being orphaned. president obama she considers one of her idols. >> translator: i did a research project about him in high school. and i know he's a very powerful man, charismatic and achieved a lot on his own by virtue of the fact he believed in himself. and this stuck with me. >> reporter: the 21-year-old beauty queen was working as a sales clerk when a friend entered her name in the pageant. there will be appearances galore including the miss universe pageant later this year. still, she's determined not to let fame get the best of her. she talks of her previous life as a child in ethiopia, and the changes she found in herself on her first visit back there. >> translator: i stood there as a girl who had finishe
served as director of the white house office of national aids policy. and senior advisor on disability policy for president barack obama from february 2009 through the summer 2011. in this capacity he led the element of the first domestic national hiv/aids strategy for the u.s. is also an alumnus of the peace corps program in swaziland and he received his master of public health, johns hopkins university school of hygiene and public health, and his bachelor of arts in chemistry from kalamazoo college. welcome. we also have my router is with us, the director public health policy and the office of health reform at the u.s. department of health and human services. where she oversees the cornea and then the invitation of the public health prevention and health care workforce policy provision in the affordable care act. awesome. previously she served as a legislative assistant for the incident majority whip dick durbin from illinois. and as alleged a system for congresswoman hilda solis when she chaired the force for the hispanic caucus. she received her undergraduate education at the unive
and aids and disability policy who serves as director of the white house office of national aids policy and senior adviser and disability policy for president barack obama for every 2009 through december 2011. in this capacity come here that the development of the first domestic national hiv/aids strategy for the u.s. he's also an alumnus of the peace corps program had received his master of public health from the johns hopkins university school of hygiene and public health in this batch servers in chemistry from kalamazoo college. welcome. we also have myra alvarez, director of public health policy and the office of health reform at the u.s. department of health and human services, where she oversees a coordinated attempt implementation of the public health prevention and health care work for policy provision in the affordable care act. also. previously she served as legislative assistant within senate majority whip dick durbin from illinois as legislative assistant for the power summit shared the task force are the congressional hispanic caucus. this alvarez received her university of
of your phone calls on the 10th anniversary of the war. fort, white house editor politico joins us on the phone this morning to go through what president obama plans to do on his first trip to israel. edward, we are learning the president has arrived in israel. what is on his agenda? guest: he has already given a .elcome speech at the airport he is off to inspect a battery .f muscles for the -- missiles he has meetings with the israeli president and with the prime minister. he is also going to be traveling to the west bank to meet with the president of the palestinian authority. he will be making a number of other stops, some ceremonial, some business and some tourism. ton, on friday, he will head jordan for the last piece of this trip and will spend a day in jordan meeting with the king there and talking with him about some of the other issues in the region. host: the president is giving a speech to israeli students. is visiting sacred places while he is there. what is the strategy? guest: well, the president is in a strange position. he has said that he did not want to go to isra
overseas and begin with president obama wrapping up his visit to israel before visiting the church of nativity, before crossing into jordan, but is the trip doing anything to advance that push for peace? senior white house correspondent jonathan karl is with the president. jon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. over and over again on this trip the president has emphasized america's never-ending support for the state of israel but he is concluding the trip with a challenge to the israeli people, to once again restart the effort to make peace with the palestinians. this morning, the president paid tribute to victims of the holocaust at israel's yad vashem memorial. it's been a trip high on symbolism. >> please raise a glass with the president. l'chaim. >> reporter: but low on any progress toward peace. in the only major speech of the trip the president sought to bypass the political leaders here and talk directly to the next generation, telling a group of 600 israeli college students to put themselves in the shoes of young palestinians. >> look at the world through thei
, president barack obama himself has admitted to more than a little bit of turkey is in his lifetime. he's admitted to using marijuana and in his youth. if we had erased by white grandparents in hawaii, if he hadn't done much of illegal drug use in predominantly white college campuses and universities come if he had been raised in the hood, the odds are good that he would've been stopped, he would've been first in search and caught and far from being president of the united states today, he might not even have the right to vote depending on the state he lives in. ..
white house correspondent jessica yellin is in the jordanian capital of ayman. hey, jess. >> hey, brianna, president obama, jordan's king abdullah stood for assad to stop the massacre. neither of those two men offered a single new step to force assad out. the final stop in the president's hopscotch around a region in tumult. a visit with jordan's king abdullah. >> the thing i mainly remember when i came here is his majesty was kind enough to personally dreef me to the airport. i won't tell you how fast he was going. but secret service, i don't think, could keep up. >> reporter: close u.s. ally, jordan's king is facing new strains. political pressure, as one of the only royals still standing after the arab spring. and economic troubles made worse with more than 400,000 syrian refugees fleeing to safety here. so, president obama jetted to amman to show support. but he arrived late. delayed by a sandstorm earlier in the day. >> we ended up having a sandstorm. >> reporter: to the kingdom of jordan, he announced an additional $200 million in u.s. aid. to the world, he promised an end
. >> at the bottom of the hour, ari fleischer the former bush white house press secretary will join us. he co-chaired this rnc project. he helped write this report. >>> president obama expected to announce his pick for labor secretary today. it's thomas perez, the assistant attorney general who heads up the justice department civil rights division. the president also preparing for a visit to israel tomorrow. this will be his first international trip of the second term. the first of his presidency to israel after visiting jerusalem president obama heads to ramallah, and then to amman in jordan. >>> so the ncaa collection committee has spoken. now it is all of our turns to fill out those brackets. while there is no obvious favorite in this year's tournament we do know there will be a new champ because after winning it all last year, kentucky was left out. the top seed in the 68-team torn all right are luisville, gonzaga, indiana and kansas. i've been trying to fill out my bracket all morning. it is not easy. it should be easy for you to beat me and you can compete against all of us here at cnn.
change ed over the last couple of months. the political fortunes of bebe went down and barack obama went up. in a funny sort of way the balance of power shifted between them. >>> the white house is working on shifting oversight of its lethal drone program from the cia to the military, according to the "wall street journal." the move would make the controversial program subject to international law. strikes would be undertaken with the consent of host governments. while many in washington believe the program will be more effective under the cia, the proposal reflects a growing consensus that it needs to be on sturdier legal footing. yesterday the senate judiciary committee kicked up hearings on the use of drones domestically. senators on both sides expressed concerns over privacy. some members are mulling possible federal regulations. the faa estimates 30,000 drones could be flying in the u.s. skies in the next 20 years. richard haass is shaking his head. that's impossible to consider. >> i think the white house is caught by surprise with the bipartisan pushback. 30,000 drones? this is a
.com. richard, you were in the white house during the clinton years. there seemed to be a lot of progress between israel and the palestinians in terms of peace. not nearly the progress we're seeing now in the president obama administration. >> this is something that president clinton really focused on. a lot of progress was made. we saw in president obama's first term a reluctance to dive into this. maybe because he couldn't find a solution. he left most of this to secretary of state hillary clinton. now i think this trip is to sort of shore up and do some of the things he couldn't get done in that first term and show israel we are really there for him. it's been a successful trip so far for him. >> you have spent a lot of time in the region. what's the significance of john kerry being there before the president and staying there after the president leaves. >> i think it shows this is more than just a photo-op. the white house is trying to downplay expectations but at the same time, they're laying the groundwork for greater involvement and more discussions. we will see if the secretary of
for the rest of our life. that president barack obama himself has is committed to more than of little bit of drug use in his lifetime and he admitted to marijuana and cocaine and if he had not been raised by a white grandparents in hawaii, if he had that done much of the illegal drug use on a white college campus and university, if he was raised in the hood, the odds are good he would have been stopped, searched, caught and far from being president of united states today he might not even have the right to vote depending on the state he lives in. >> who stole the american dream? the author joins us on booktv. mr. smith? who stole the american dream? >> you have to get into the whole story of the last 40 years inside the economic system, middle-class is cut out but the share of growth and prosperity that is america and corporate leaders and a big power shift in washington and is led by lew was called the supreme court justice before he went on the court to wrote -- to grow to a secret memo say you're again taken to the cleaners by the labor movement, environmental movement you need to get
is the last option, but said it's an option if diplomacy doesn't work. peres will host obama for a @tate dinner this hour. and the u.s. drone program could be moving from the cia to the pentagon. the white house considering shifting combat drone authority to the department of defense b which would allow more congressional oversight. the cia has been using unmanned aircraft to target suspected terrorists, but critics complain the program lacks transparency, at least right now. those are your headlines, i'm jamie colby, back to mel shah and lori. ladies? lori: thank you so much, jamie. stocks climbing off the lows of the day, and the dow while it did hit a new intraday high yesterday thanks to the fed, but the next guest sees the dow hitting 16,000 in the next 6-12 months. joining me now, ira walker, managing director at ubs, and i want to remind viewers, the last time you were here, august of 2011, the dow was at 31,000. -- 11,000. we're 14,440 to be exact. but you say there is still room to run and money to be made. why is that? >> we think the dow is going to significantly outperform th
, but in obama's case, he can create a lot of barriers to job creation. there is a lot of skepticism. dagen: gasoline prices going up again. we would like to blame whoever is in the white house for gasoline prices. >> i would argue that it is very much in the white house's hands. people are going to work every day and it cost a lot more to get there. this is a simple dollar problem. you would very quickly seek gasoline prices falling. you would see a far more happy electorate. this is the quickest way to anger and electorate to reduce the value of the limited earnings that they have. dagen: john, it was great to talk to you, as always. think you for being here on this monday morning. john, forbes opinion editor. connell: we have seen a spike go higher on the dollar. in the meantime, tax time in our country right around the corner. fewer americans expecting a financial boost from their refunds this year. 59% expecting a refund check. the number is down from 64% who got one last year. those looking for a refund, 37% plan on paying down their debt. google glass. we have heard a lot about this
, china's exchange rate controls sigh better spying and president obama leaves tonight for israel. no major policy breakthroughs are expected. this is the president's first visit to the west bank since moving into the white house. i think he was there maybe before becoming president. >>> why don't we take a look at the markets this morning. down day, up day, down day, futures are barely budging. dow futures up by less than 2 points. s&p futures up by less than one point. yesterday, it was the biggest losses. financials led the decline all day long, but in the afternoon selling picked up in energy stocks, materials, consumer discretionaries. if you're watching oil prices this morning, you'll see at least at this point they are down by 16 cents, 93.58. the ten-year notoriety now is yielding 1.942%. let's take a look at the dollar this morning. you'll see it stronger against through at 1 is.2933. the dollar/yen is 95.35. the dollar up across theed board, except weaker against the pound right now. gold price ves barely budged a little weaker, down 2.60. $1,602 an ounce. >> it's now ti
. the moment of opportunity and optimism that i want to start with. the reason the president obama made that statement is because we have a combination that together is something that could turn the tide on epidemics. we also have a national strategy that the white house about a couple of years ago and provides a roadmap. more than a million people are living with hiv in the united states. for the last decade, they have been at the same level and perhaps more alarmingly, you and infections are rising by those who represent 66% of their infections in the united states. the impact is quite alarming. they have a heavy reliance on medicaid. most are not on treatment. yet, as i was alluding to, there is new data that shows we can actually get to what many of us are calling treatment that is scaled up. it has made a huge difference in helping people live much longer and healthier and has been shown to reduce the risk of transmission by as much as 96% and that is very significant. treatment has clinical benefits in a public health benefit. but where are we in providing treatment in the united
of international art nurse feel the same way. >> from the white house press corps. reuters. >> thank you. there were some friendly banter between the two of you on the tarmac. how much of a serious matter did that become in talks? president obama has said it will take iran at least a year to build a bomb. the is much longer than prime minister believes. mr. president, are you asking the prime minister to be more patient and hold off for at least a year on military action against iran? esther prime minister, has president obama's words convince thethat he is putting forth military that you have asked for? thank you. take a swing at this. there are so many strips of different colors on the tarmac. about that.a joke obviously this matter is no joke. it relates to our very existence and something that president identifies as a grave, strategic andat to the added states to the peace and security -- to the united states and the peace and security of the world. i'm convinced he's determined to prevent iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. i appreciate that. i also appreciate something he said, w
't the women's bracket. i'm sorry. >> bill: we'll let you know our picks later this hour. >> michelle obama was at the [ inaudible ] to celebrate easter and brought bo with her. she handed out bo-shaped cookies, and handed out tickets to the easter egg roll at the white house. >> bill: that fisher house is a great, great program. really, really do good stuff. >> yeah. >> and how about genetically modified seafood for dinner tonight. the usda is close to approving -- >> bill: i don't want any chemical fish. >> they will begin farming genetically engineered salmon which can grow to market size in half of the time as regular salmon. several retailers have said they will not sell this seafood. >> bill: it's like styrofoam fish right? >> fish should taste like fish and farmed fish rarely ever taste like fish. >> bill: exactly, and if there's a problem that the stock is getting down, then stop fishing for a while. they have done that. let the stock replenish itself, don't kill or cash so many. i don't get it. i -- i really don't like this whole genetically modified food tren
a special section, welcome to the white house. that chronicles life in the executive mansion during the tenure of the first ladies. edition of the book "first ladies of the united states of america." and thoughts from michelle obama on the role of first lady throughout history. now available for the discounted plus shipping. >> c-span, created by america's cable companies in 1979. brought to you as a public service by your television provider. next here on c-span, republican national committee chairman) this talk about the future of the -- reince priebus talks about the future of the gop. then, sarah palin at the conservative political action conference. after that, more of our first ladies series. riebus least a report monday on changing the gop. needs tos the party do a better job attracting minorities, women and younger voters. and the -- change the conception that they are the party of the rich. [applause] >> i appreciate that introduction. thank you for the introduction of in welcoming us to the press club. i know most of you came for eggs and coffee but th
at pictures on the screen of president landing in tel aviv. this is a white house that has had a sometime rocky relationship with the israelis two years ago. a poll had only 3% of israelis trusting president obama and the numbers have gone up much more now. talk about the significance of this meeting. >> it's very significant. i think -- look. israelis, by and large, pro israelis and misgivings about this president or that president. the spirit of the u.s. as a relationship is strong, it's as strong as ever and i think you'll see that reflected in the reception the president gives and speech he is giving tomorrow. he is speaking to thousands of students and i think that will be very powerful. >> what is the backdrop of this? why now? >> a very good question. many people believe this is the trip the president should have done at the time of this cairo trip the first year in office. that is to say in his first term he made a strategic decision that so much of the stall in the israeli/palestinian process was that the u.s. government had been so close to israeli government. israeli presidents
: norquist on why the white house misjudged about gop and sequestration. quote, he listened to four republican senators who are on c-span a lot. explain that. >> guest: yes. look, interestingly the president of the united states, president obama, started shortly after the election in a very strong position. he just won re-election, okay? and he had a democratic senate. now, he didn't own the capitol because republicans had the house of representatives, but the next thing was the fiscal cliff. and the fiscal cliff was an automatic $5 trillion tax increase unless the president, the house and the senate passed an alternative bill. so he had all the cards. he had all the power. if he said i want to keep one trillion of that five, i want to keep two, the republicans and democrats in the house and senate couldn't stop that. the republicans in the house several times said we vote to extend everything, and the democrats in the senate said, well, we don't, so it's going to be a $5 trillion tax increase. and the president said, okay, i want $600 billion. he took his pound of flesh, he got tha
is the sum of a dominican immigrant in the first hispanic to be named to president obama second term cabinet. the ceremony to case in the white house geese room this morning. here is a look. [background sounds] >> ladies and gentlemen the president of the united states accompanied by thomas perez. [applause] [applause] >> thank you. [applause] everybody have a seat. have a seat. as i have set before my top priority as president is doing everything we need to do to make sure that we are growing our economy and that we are strengthening our middle class. and as i said said in my state of the union address last month, every day we should be asking ourselves three questions. one, how do we make sure america is a magnet for good jobs? number two how do we equip people with the skills they need to get those jobs and number three, how do we make sure that hard work actually pays off with a decent living. these are the challenges that i've instructed my team at the white house and by entire cabinet to focus on and a position that's instrumental to tackling these challenges is having an outstanding s
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